Don't Let These Bail Bond Misperceptions Cost You Your Loved One's Freedom

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Don't Let These Bail Bond Misperceptions Cost You Your Loved One's Freedom

14 December 2021
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

Until you need to bail a loved one out of jail, you may never have considered paying bail bonds. However, there are a few misconceptions about bail bonds. When a loved one is in jail waiting for you to act, you should know the facts first. Read on and find out more about bail bonds.

Myth: Your Loved One Will Be Offered Bail

The bail bonding agency facilitates your loved one's release, but it is the court system and the jail that determines whether they are eligible for bail. Jail overcrowding being what it is, almost everyone does qualify for bail, but those accused of certain serious offenses (like homicide) may not be offered bail at all. The judge usually makes the decision, and you can call the jail to find out about your loved one's bail amount.

Myth: You Don't Need Help From a Bail Bonding Company

Bail bond businesses are regulated by state law and can be an incredible resource to get your loved one out of jail. In most states, bonding agents must be certified by a governing body and be a properly licensed business. Most bail bonding agents understand how stressful it is to cope with bail bonding issues and go out of their way to be friendly and approachable. You can find bail bonding offices located near jails and courthouses for your convenience, and most can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone.

Myth: Bail Bonds Are Cash-Only Business

Cash is always welcome but not necessary. Most bail bonding companies accept credit cards, money orders, and, sometimes checks. Some even make it easy on loved ones by offering them an installment plan.

Myth: The Bail Agency Can Get Your Bail Cost Lowered

This misunderstanding is related to the cost difference between the court-ordered bail amount and what you pay a bail bonding agent. Bail bonds are only a percentage of the full bail amount, and that varies by state. You can just phone a bail agent, provide them with the full bail amount, and find out how much the bail bond will be. If bail is $5,000, your loved one can be bailed out using a bail bond for only $750 if the bond premium is 15%. However, bail is not set by the bail agency, and the full bail amount is non-negotiable.

Find out more about bail bonding and get your loved one released by phoning a bail bonding agency near the jail.