3 Great Reasons To Donate To College Athletics

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3 Great Reasons To Donate To College Athletics

10 March 2022
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College athletes —whether they play at a small Division III school in a rural area or as part of a massive Division I program at one of the biggest campuses in the nation — are the heart of college athletics. While many of these student-athletes receive scholarships to play their respective sports, the college athletics programs that they participate in are still funded in large part by donations. If you haven't yet considered donating to your alma mater or to a college sports team's charity, take a look below at just a few of the reasons why you should.

​Prevent Programs from Shutting Down

When many people think of college athletics, they imagine a wildly successful college football program that rakes in millions of dollars for the athletic department each year. The average program is not nearly as well off, however, and is often at risk of having to shut down completely without donations from students, alumni, or other donors with connections to the university. At many smaller universities especially, teams that play sports such as golf, water polo, and lacrosse are funded entirely by donations.

Boost the Athletic Department as a Whole

While the adage that a rising tide lifts all boats may not seem immediately applicable to college athletics, it is true of many colleges with a successful athletics program. The money from direct donations can go toward everything from creative ticket sales initiatives to facility upgrades, the latter of which is especially influential in attracting talented recruits. Paired with talented coaches, programs can transform into nationally recognizable brands and therefore negotiate for more lucrative media rights. The returns that this kind of success brings are then injected back into the athletic department so that future successes can be built upon present ones.

Affect University Enrollment

The success that a nationally relevant athletics program can bring is hard to overstate. This is because many students want not just a college education, but a college experience and a large part of this experience revolves around attending popular sporting events. Universities that see their alumni regularly donate to college athletics — and subsequently see the success of the athletic program that follows — also tend to see their application pool grow year after year. This perpetuates a positive feeling of community shared by both students and regional fans, which can further grow university enrollment for many seasons to come. 

If you'd like to donate to college athletes, contact a local college.