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Hey everyone, I’m Roger Pizzalo. Welcome to my website about budgeting software and spreadsheets. The time and effort you put into your budget pays out in dividends financially. Money has to be cultivated and protected to help it grow into a large savings fund. You can use the savings you build to buy a new car, home or piece of land. You can also pay for medical expenses with the funds without worry about depleting living expenses. I will use this site to help you find ways to save your money using budgeting software and spreadsheets. I invite you to visit anytime to learn more.

5 Steps To Buy A Home Quickly After A Short Sale

4 February 2021
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

Do you want to buy a home but are being held back by a short sale on your credit history (or soon to be on your history)? Many American homeowners end up in this position after an unexpected financial emergency, an economic recession, or even a personal crisis such as divorce. But how can you overcome this challenge to buy your next home as soon as possible? Here are five steps to follow. Read More …