Three Situations When You Should Consider Having An Estate Sale

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Three Situations When You Should Consider Having An Estate Sale

8 November 2017
 Categories: Finance & Money, Blog

When people think of an estate sale, they usually think of a person who has passed away, and their loved ones are selling their belongings. Certainly, this is a common time to have an estate sale, but there are other situations in which this type of sale can be a good idea. The following are three of them.

Your elderly parent is moving to an assisted living facility

Over time, people accumulate a lot of stuff, as people get older, they may not realize exactly what they have. If there comes a time when they can no longer live by themselves, it may be a good idea to contact an estate sale agent. Of course, not everything has to be sold. But the things that are needed in an assisted living facility, or simply living with one of their children is only a fraction of what they likely have. An estate sale means your parent will raise some money that will help them rather than the alternative of moving everything to a storage unit that creates a monthly expense.

You are downsizing your living accommodations

Once the children have moved out and started their own lives and families, it is sometimes a useful stage of life to get a smaller place. Or if you are entering retirement and are selling your home, you may also be downsizing. In either case, you are likely to have a lot of things accumulated. You may find that an estate sales agent will be able to disperse your personal property quickly and get money to help you in your new life.

You are moving to a new location

This is especially true if you are moving across a large distance. You could have a do-it-yourself moving sell, but you are likely to get better value using an estate sale agent. This means a higher price for your valuable items and more items sold, if not everything. Sometimes much of what you have of value can be sold at auction. Items of lessor value can be sold in lots. You will have to plan for this type of sale in advance.

Although you don't need an agent to sell you or your loved one's belongings, you will receive a better return for the items. An agent will know the best method to sell what you have and also will have a good idea of the value of what you own. Some of the items may be better sold through an auction. Other items may be better sold during an open house type format. An estate sales agent can discuss with you the best method for selling your items. For more information, contact companies like Remember When Estate Sales, LLC.