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Hey everyone, I’m Roger Pizzalo. Welcome to my website about budgeting software and spreadsheets. The time and effort you put into your budget pays out in dividends financially. Money has to be cultivated and protected to help it grow into a large savings fund. You can use the savings you build to buy a new car, home or piece of land. You can also pay for medical expenses with the funds without worry about depleting living expenses. I will use this site to help you find ways to save your money using budgeting software and spreadsheets. I invite you to visit anytime to learn more.

How Much Can You Afford for Your Mortgage Payment?

26 June 2019
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One of the first steps of buying a house is visiting a lender to ensure that you qualify for a loan, and during this step, the lender will tell you how much you can borrow. When you find this out, you will have an idea as to how much you can afford to pay for your mortgage, but you should not simply accept this amount. Instead, you should perform some steps on your own to make sure you end up with a mortgage payment you can perform. Read More …

Tips For Buying Construction Equipment

19 April 2019
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When you need to handle some construction work, having the right equipment is really where the rubber meets the road. By investing in this equipment, you'll have the opportunity to do more, be more productive and look after your budget and overhead costs in a way that is meaningful. No matter what sort of construction jobs you are working on, follow the strategies below in order to locate and finance the best equipment possible. Read More …

Bail Considerations Before Turning Yourself In

11 February 2019
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The thought of having the police come to your home or place of business and arrest you can be chilling. Individuals who have active warrants out for their arrest run the risk of being taken into custody at any time. If you want to face your charges on your own terms, it can be beneficial to turn yourself in rather than waiting for an arrest. Bail can apply to those who turn themselves in, so you should plan ahead to bail yourself out of jail if you want to minimize the time you spend behind bars. Read More …

5 Perks That Come With Getting A Commercial Bank Account

27 November 2018
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If you do business of any sort, you need to make sure that your financial affairs are organized and in order. When you have your own company, it is beneficial to open a commercial banking account. While it may be tempting to keep the accounts you already have, it can make everything a lot more confusing. There are many advantages to opening a commercial bank account. Keep reading to learn what perks come with getting a business bank account. Read More …

3 Reasons Bad-Credit Auto Loans Can Be A Bad Idea

16 September 2018
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You find the car of your dreams, and the best part is, you can actually get a loan for it even though your credit is not so great. There's a flashing sign in front of the dealership that says so, and you couldn't be more excited to get your new car home. As tempting as it may be to accept an auto loan ins spite of your bad credit, it is best to take a moment, step away, and really examine what taking a bad-credit auto loan can mean. Read More …