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Talking About Budgeting Software and Spreadsheets

Hey everyone, I’m Roger Pizzalo. Welcome to my website about budgeting software and spreadsheets. The time and effort you put into your budget pays out in dividends financially. Money has to be cultivated and protected to help it grow into a large savings fund. You can use the savings you build to buy a new car, home or piece of land. You can also pay for medical expenses with the funds without worry about depleting living expenses. I will use this site to help you find ways to save your money using budgeting software and spreadsheets. I invite you to visit anytime to learn more.

Everything You Need To Know About Byzantine Coin Devaluations

16 August 2021
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Collecting ancient coins can be very exciting. You have the opportunity to own a piece of ancient history when you invest in the right coins. Byzantine coins are popular among collectors who value money from ancient times. The Byzantine Empire arose out of the fall of the Roman Empire, so coins produced during this time period have an interesting story. One of the characteristics that makes Byzantine coins so unique is the prevalence of devaluations found within the coins circulated throughout the time. Read More …

Do Refinancing Home Loans Make Sense?

18 June 2021
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Do you need money to remodel your house but find all lending options expensive? Try refinancing home loans. Many homeowners are shy to think of refinancing because of misinformation. But home refinancing has major benefits if you use the right approach. It allows you to take a new home loan at a lower interest rate. You pay off the old loan and put the rest to other uses. It makes sense to use refinancing home loans because they offer several advantages: Read More …

5 Steps To Buy A Home Quickly After A Short Sale

4 February 2021
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Do you want to buy a home but are being held back by a short sale on your credit history (or soon to be on your history)? Many American homeowners end up in this position after an unexpected financial emergency, an economic recession, or even a personal crisis such as divorce. But how can you overcome this challenge to buy your next home as soon as possible? Here are five steps to follow. Read More …

Easy Things You Can Do To Manage Your Personal Banking Account

20 November 2020
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You've probably had a bank account for years, but you may not be taking all of the necessary steps to properly manage it. Neglecting to routinely balance your checking account or losing track of even one expense can lead to significant overdraft fees that could cost you hundreds of dollars over time. These simple steps will help you ensure that your bank account is always managed well.   1) Always be aware of your balance. Read More …

.How A Conventional Loan Works When Buying A New House

30 June 2020
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Contractors build new homes and list them for sale all the time. If you want to buy a brand-new home, you can look for homes that contractors just built, and you might find them in many different neighborhoods. If you are thinking of using a conventional loan to buy the house you choose, there are several things to understand. You Need 20% Down to Avoid Private Mortgage Insurance Conventional loans are different from other loan types, and they often have more requirements that borrowers must meet to be eligible for them. Read More …